Ponderosa Holsteins
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The development of a unique cow

18/12/2013 - Ashlyn's story is a wonderful story. It is based on the development of a unique animal. It's a shame not to have the photo of Ashlyn as a heifer, and as a first lactation cow to enjoy the full history about her.

It is clear that we all, as farmers, have extraordinary animals in our herds and we should give them the opportunity to express their full potential. Our management, our comfort, our nutrition and our passion are the essential factors for the success of our animals.

Ashlyn's story is a great story, and those of us who share this passion should pursue this and other great stories to happen in many herds, so that we get to enjoy great cows all over the world.

The photo below was taken at Concours National Lezay 2010 - July 8th 2010
1+MM. ASHLYN-VRAY (Goldwyn x Lheros) - Earl de Trovray (44)


The development of a unique cow  | Ponderosa Holstein