Ponderosa Holsteins
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06/12/2013 - Last Friday November 27, Ponderosa Holsteins got the annual classification. Ponderosa have classified 20 cows, 8 young first lactation animals and the rest were adults cows. The average for the total 20 animals in the classification was 89 points and 86 points for the 8 first lactation heifers.

Ponderosa got 8 excellent cows… and Ponderosa presented Ashlyn. She got 96 points. She is the first cow in Spain with these points and of course she is the first cow 96 points in Ponderosa’s history. We hope we could have anyone more but we know it´s really extraordinary and difficult.

“I love Holsteins cows and as CONAFE qualifier (Spanish Hoslteins Association) it has been a personal and professional pride in having qualified Ponderosa Holsteins last November 27. Working with this magnificent herd of cows fills one of satisfaction. I want to emphasize to its star, Ashlyn Vray, a cow morphologically extraordinary. This cow stripes perfection. She is high, long and deep with very good group. She has protruding legs for her eight years old. She also has a magnificent dairy structure, with a long, thin, angled neck and an outstanding quality. I want to comment to finish her really spectacular mammary system for their five lactations.”

Santiago Mato, the qualifier from CONAFE, said after he made the classification.

Ponderosa would like to thank Santiago Mato and CONAFE for their work and dedication to the register Holstein cattle in Spain.

We would also like to share this fantastic news with our friend and partner in Ashlyn, Mr. Giorgio Rossetti and of course with all our friends.

It was an unforgettable day and a great joy to bring Ashlyn back to this house.

ASHLYN  96 POINTS | Ponderosa Holstein