Ponderosa Holsteins
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Ponderosa Dairy Day

A ‘Ponderosa Dairy Day’ objective is meant to be a visit to celebrate dairy production and share our values and our philosophy. Throughout an interactive day, you will discover the soul of our project, including a visit to the facilities surrounded by a breathtaking environment in the heart of The Pyrenees.

‘Ponderosa Dairy Day’ starts in our Green Unit (The Campus) with an introduction and description of the entire project, followed by a scientific and technical conference on a topic chosen by the visitors. After one and a half hours at The Campus, we initiate a guided tour to The Red Unit (Research Unit) and The Blue Unit (The Genetic Lab), as well as a visit to the different areas of The Black Unit (Ponderosa Holsteins) with special emphasis on the cows. At the same time we show the young stock: our promising future with all genetic and genomic data.

The event closes at The Ponderosa Showroom, with a carefully prepared exhibition of the best cows of Ponderosa Holsteins at the moment of the event. This global experience at Ponderosa includes a coffee break and a lunch in our Canteen, a place to meet and exchange points of view while enjoying a good meal.

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To obtain the best out of this experience, it is important to keep our time schedules. The visit starts at 11:00 and finishes at 18:30. This event is addressed to producers, consultants and people interested in genetics. The price of the event is 250 € + VAT per attendee with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 people. For individuals that are not within an organized group, we will offer several ‘Ponderosa Dairy Days’ during the year, thus they can join a larger group and have the opportunity to come.

Please, contact Blanca from The Pyrenees if you are interested in a Ponderosa Dairy Day.